Because the world need another mobile content blog like LinkedIn needs more consultants, right?

And hello.

If you’re got here, read the intro blurb bit wherever it goes (probably goes down the side) (if this theme has a side) (bloody parallax site vogue), skimmed one of the posts I haven’t started yet or have seen me bang on way over time at a conference or university, you’ll kinda know what to expect.

If you haven’t, then hello. I’m Mike Goldsmith. You can find me here on LinkedIn or here on Twitter. Facebook you don’t need, honest. I work in mobile, looking after content strategy for Future. Future has had plenty of column inches about its success with digital editions and Apple’s Newsstand platform, which I was proud to head up back in 2011.

If you want to read about that, I’ll put a few links together in a Newsstand-y post another time or you can just head here to see the tech behind the story – but honestly, it was a while ago now. Like ages.

So a few years and a lot of perspex blocks and chicken dinners later, I’m now looking at what we can do with our content on mobile that works for our customers and clients. Or readers and advertisers, he says revealing his magazine-flavoured past.

So this blog will be about that – mobile. What works, what might work, what REALLY doesn’t work, what’s just interesting, what’s new and maybe what’s next.

I also reserve the right to stick in the odd ‘what I like’, especially if I can somehow add the word mobile so it still looks vaguely relevant. As anyone who knows me will attest, ‘what I like’ usually involves me buying some very obscure music off Bandcamp (I LOVE BANDCAMP! EVERY MARKET NEED A BANDCAMP!), especially if it comes with an accompanying clay pipe in a limited edition of ten. Which, in this instance, it did. Great band btw.

Enough. Intro written. Best write some more.

Please don’t say you want the Newsstand story.


Mike Goldsmith