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I just wrote 100 words to The Magazine Diaries. If you write professionally, you should too. Here’s why.

The Magazine Diaries is a charity book project in support of MagAid, promoting children’s literacy in the UK. Devised by Peter Houston from media blog Flipping Pages, the aim is to publish the thoughts of 100 magazine professionals, each writing 100 words – or drabbles, for any Python pedants out there – about what it feels like to be working in magazines in 2014. Exciting. Terrifying. Boring. Scary.

Pros are writing from the heart about all this and more. If you check magazinediaries.com out now, you’ll read smart words from the likes of magCulture’s Jeremy Leslie, the esteemed Andy Cowles and Flashes & Flames’ Colin Morrison. And, erm, me.

Peter’s aim is 100 diary entries of 100 words compiled into a book, printed in time for launch at magfest on 5 September, 2014 in Edinburgh.

Are you a pro and want to get involved? Just email 100 words, your name, organisation and Twitter handle to 100words@magazinediaries.com or drop Pete a line on Twitter via @MagazineDiaries. Deadline is July 30th.

Not a pro and want to help? Keep and eye on magazinediaries.com and get your PayPal ready. These are tomorrow’s readers. Let’s give them a hand.


Mike Goldsmith