Want to empower your journos to make rich, immersive stories that work over multiple devices? So do Shorthand

Strong day spent today at the MSN offices with ever-genial hosts journalism.co.uk and the people from Shorthand.

Shorthand is a browser-based platform that promises to let you make responsive, content-led snowfall (THE SCOTTISH PLAY!) articles with minimal if any dev skills required.

And it does.

Much to think about – obvious opportunities re content marketing, possiblilty of A/B testing these against ‘normal’ versions, what metrics are the most relevant beyond dwell time etc – but the fact that a gaggle of non-dev journos from publishing, TV, online and B2B all had immersive storytelling articles actually up and working on screen is testament to the platform’s ease of use and power under the hood.

Think Keynote meets WordPress. Ish.

Already used by The Guardian, BBC News, Haymarket and more, I’ll blog about these type of articles WHEN NOT ON A VERY PACKED TRAIN but keep an eye on Shorthand. If snowfall articles prove not to be just flavour of the month, this is a platform to watch.

Mike Goldsmith