Or how not to relaunch your app when your community really knows what it likes already

A year or so back, I wrote an article for publishing trade paper InPublishing. The original brief was to write about an app I like. Which I didn’t actually clock meant, ‘Oi, you make digital editions, write about a rival digital edition you like’. So in time-honoured fashion, I ignored the brief and wrote about the comic book reader/newsstand, ComiXology.

It wasn’t (just) arrogance that made me do it. ComiXology was (and still is) a digital comic book distribution platform with over 100 million comic downloads as of October 2012. Featuring content from Marvel, DC and a wealth of smaller publishers, it offered a ‘buy once, read anywhere’ selection of over 30,000 comics and graphic novels across iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and the web.

In 2011, comiXology ranked as number 10 in the top 20 grossing iPad apps. In September 2011, comiXology’s Comics app was the highest-grossing app in the App Store. In 2012, comiXology was ranked as the number three top grossing iPad app — the only app from 2011 to stay on the top ten list.

You can see why I liked it. Actually, make that envied it.

You can read the original InPublishing article here. Executive summary: I used to buy loads of comics. I then bought no comics. ComiXology got me back buying comics every week. Job done.

Actually, job not done…

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