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Future Past

Future Past

Possibly the only pun I think you’re allowed to use, right? Right

So I was looking for a way of announcing this blog but only once I had a few posts up and running plus figured out how to make the bloody Twitter timeline show up in the WordPress Pocket theme.

And then I went and left Future

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Comic Relief

Comic Relief

Or how not to relaunch your app when your community really knows what it likes already

A year or so back, I wrote an article for publishing trade paper InPublishing. The original brief was to write about an app I like. Which I didn’t actually clock meant, ‘Oi, you make digital editions, write about a rival digital edition you like’. So in time-honoured fashion, I ignored the brief and wrote about the comic book reader/newsstand, ComiXology.

It wasn’t (just) arrogance that made me do it. ComiXology was (and still is) a digital comic book distribution platform with over 100 million comic downloads as of October 2012. Featuring content from Marvel, DC and a wealth of smaller publishers, it offered a ‘buy once, read anywhere’ selection of over 30,000 comics and graphic novels across iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and the web.

In 2011, comiXology ranked as number 10 in the top 20 grossing iPad apps. In September 2011, comiXology’s Comics app was the highest-grossing app in the App Store. In 2012, comiXology was ranked as the number three top grossing iPad app — the only app from 2011 to stay on the top ten list.

You can see why I liked it. Actually, make that envied it.

You can read the original InPublishing article here. Executive summary: I used to buy loads of comics. I then bought no comics. ComiXology got me back buying comics every week. Job done.

Actually, job not done…

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Anyway, As I Was Saying

Anyway, As I Was Saying

Because the world need another mobile content blog like LinkedIn needs more consultants, right?

And hello.

If you’re got here, read the intro blurb bit wherever it goes (probably goes down the side) (if this theme has a side) (bloody parallax site vogue), skimmed one of the posts I haven’t started yet or have seen me bang on way over time at a conference or university, you’ll kinda know what to expect.

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